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So this is a next step in your relationship. You have been married for more than a year or perhaps newly married but bringing a baby in your lives is the biggest and also the toughest task that you will face. 

If you are facing PCOD, BP, thyriod or diabetes, this is going to be really tough on you. So before you go ahead with trying for a child keep your weight, blood pressure and sugar in check. Monitoring it thoroughly helps. Also if you are on an obese side, like me, you need to excercise and tone down, the reason being you are cutting down the fats so that your baby gets enough space to grow. 

Next important step is to regulate your diet. While your doctor will prescribe prenatal vitamins, you need to increase the sources of vitamins, minerals and proteins through food, fruits and nuts. Hemoglobin levels are vital hence including plenty of veggies rich in iron can benefit you and the baby. Remember this is a stepping stone, rather your baby steps towards starting a family. So be pretty particular about what you eat. 

Try cutting down on nicotine and caffeine if you are an addict. Drinks are a complete no-no and most importantly a huge barrier if you wish to conceive as it lessens the effect of the prenatal medicines.

If you have been using contraceptive pills, you might want to see your doctor because most of the times women do suffer from primary infertility caused by contraceptive pills. 

Stress is one major factor that leads to infertility and 9 out of 10 people face the issue of infertility solely because of stress. While both men and women need to cut down on smoking and drinking to cope with infertility, taking a break from fast paced urban life and hassles of corporate life can also help. 

Once you take the decision of bringing a bundle of joy in your life, your doctor will prescribe a series of tests. Just in case you need to know- you will have to check for hemoglobin levels, thyriod, HIV and other primary diseases and your husband too will have to undergo a fertility test, if prescribed by the doctor. 

For starters, that’s all the advice I wish to give you all. But most importantly keep in mind that starting a family is not just about sex. It involves timing and destiny too. Keep faith.