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Making a baby is not a responsibility of a woman alone, men are equally responsible for creating a life. So if there arise discrepancies then a man should take the responsibility and go ahead correct himself as well as provide support to his wife. Having said that, both parents need to start a prenatal diet. 

Prenatal food for men should include oysters, garlic, beef, dairy products, eggs, chicken, nuts, beans and wholegrains these contain zinc. Vitamin A and vitamin C can be found in red peppers, green leafy vegetables, carrot, apricots, oranges, tomatoes, grapes, broccoli and pomegranate. Avoiding junk food, hard drinks, nicotine and caffeine products and fishes high in mercury like shark, king mackerel, tuna steak, tilefish etc. can help.

Since it is the mother who will carry the baby, you will be loaded with prenatal vitamins. Folic acid tablets for starters will be given way in advance and will continue throughout the pregnancy. Now, while doctor will take care of tablets, you need to take care of your diet. Eating right and healthy is a key to healthy pregnancy. Make ita habit of eating small meals every 2 hours. Include dry fruits and nuts in your breakfast or snacks. Green leafy veggies, beetroot, carrot, dates, jaggery, dairy products, egg, chicken, beef, yogurt, orange juice, lemon juice, apricots, fruits ( particularly, pomegranate, apple and bananas) are great sources of iron, vitamins, omega 3, calcium and proteins. 

Build up your immune system by avoiding junk food and fizzy drinks. Occasional indulgence is acceptable. But remember, you both need to eat right, eat healthy and eat in limit. Too much of anything can be lethal.