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​This Nora Roberts tale reminds one of John Synge’s Riders To The Sea where sea keeps claiming the life of the villagers. You see there’s heavy price to pay for men at sea. 

Roberts seems to have an uncanny affinity for beaches and seas as you will find the theme of water in most of her novels, this novel being no different. Despite being set in Greece the novel has the ability to take you back to the mythilical and prosperous soils of Ireland, it is perhaps because both Greece and Ireland, both have beautiful and alluring myth and stories about them. 

The climax of the novel looks like the hero is about to leave for a battle and it pains the heroin. The heroine is foolishly brave with a very conventional approach indeed. While Nicholas’ character is shown to have  gray shades.

The book has the right elements to pique reader curiosity.The suspense in the novel is adequate to make you turn pages. 

Overall, the novel has smuggling mingled with murders and is splayed with romance. You can finish reading this one in single sitting. 

On the scale of readability, I rate it 5 on 10.

How much rating will I give this one? 2.5 out of 5 stars. 

If you have read this one, do let me know your views in the comment box below.