Routine bores me. Yes it does. I am sure you too have the same feeling and when the feeling gets mutual,over a cup of coffee two frustrated brains whittle out this-unique advises slash experiences on office life.

  1. You love your office alright and you “think” that your office loves you back But the thing is- Your office shall love you till the time you slog for them. The minute you put your working tools down you’d realize the whole “love” things was a mere FANTASY
  2. You have taken up this job only because you didn’t have any other option? But – Don’t stand in a place for more than a minute if it irritates you. Get out & CHASE YOUR DREAMS.
  3. Your boss adore you? You think!- Bosses will always care for their money; your family & your health is NOT THEIR PRIORITY.
  4. You are a person who doesn’t know to say no? – You’ll learn it a hard way but in end you’ll learn to say “NO“. (Get into the denial mode ever since the beginning.)
  5. Job is not suiting you? Its become a routine?  Then understand- Life has ample of opportunities to offer and you have ample of talent too. Go out & EXPLORE.
  6. Colleagues gossip about each other and it worries you that they might be back bitching about you too?- Don’t bother yourself with what others think of you; hold your head high & MOVE AHEAD!
  7. You are scared that you’ve committed a mistake and that shall lead you to your termination?-We learn from our mistakes & every time you commit one SMILE ‘coz you have learnt something new.
  8. You are one of those hard workers?- Dedication for your work is good but for every extra hour you put in your work ASK for extra money. Because every minute you put after your working hour was meant for YOU.
  9. You have started feeling that your work is getting boring? -Work till the time your mind is occupied and heart satisfied. The minute work gets boring take a bow and simply WALK OUT.
  10. Too many problems and you just cannot follow these advises?- Life always SORTS itself in the end.
  11. If you are thinking working with a few migrated flamingos is real fun ‘coz you get to party with them since their rented apartment is usually vacant. Think again. Many a times, it turns out that these folks are much into their work then you’d have imagined. If they turn out to be your Managers or Team Leaders then you are sure to slog the entire day and night. If you think your manager is being too hard on you. Stand up and say NO.
  12. If you are forced to clock in more hours than necessary, make sure you take a COMP OFF!
  13. It is very important that we spend our time with our family. Post office hours, say a strict NO, NO to official work! There has to be a personal life as much as professional one. 
  14. Do Nothing for FREE. Freelancing doesn’t come for free. Ask for cash! 
  15. If you are beginning to love your office and it’s folks, there are great many chances of you falling flat on your face. Beware. If a place starts making you too comfortable, LOOK for a challenging option. That’s how you shall grow. 
  16. Studies have shown, too much of stress leads to Infertility. I’m sure you don’t wish to turn into an IMPOTENT money monger.

P.S: These advises have come not just from me but 50% of it has been my best friend’s contribution and we both wanted to reach this out to all the folks. Not that our lives are sorted, on a closer look they are real messed up,  yet we wanted to pen these words down.You got any advice to share, please do comment.