Despite the fact that women have been voicing their opinions with several initiatives taken, be it through films or social media, the rates of crime against women do not cease to exist. In fact they are increasing each passing day. Hypocrisy is at the root of it all. We in India, worship a goddess but we trample our daughters, ruthlessly, if we may add. Off late many Brands have come forward and joined hands for the cause of Women Empowerment. Vogue is one such brand which has been working towards the said motto. However, in our view, just releasing short films won’t make much of a change. There are pimps out there, surfing the web, who are sure to execute the short films in such a way that it looks sleazy. 

The audience comprehends the message these films wish to give out and comprehends it well, by that we mean, the audience leaves no room for sleaze but picks up the meaning as it is. However, with the launch of Homi Adajania’s short film My Choice, there are negative responses alongside positive that have hit the social space. While some believe that the film associates feminism with clothes and sex outside marriage locks, many have found a voice in “My Choice” as the way to express themselves. May be the video speaks triviality and may be it copies Baz Luhrmann in its tonality but it speaks for women. For them to rise and shine, it speaks so that we do not shy away and cower under the pressure from the chauvinist patriarchs out there. 

The video is in true sense feminist and speaks feminism. The video speaks volumes about the transience of humanity. It aligns feminism with transcendence, that which it is. The true form of universal self is Prakriti without intervention of which Purusha is incomplete. The survival is impossible if Prakriti denies interaction. Evolution will halt and so will the lives. The video resonates these universal thoughts, many may not be aware of.

“I am the universe. Infinite in every direction.”

“Remember you are my choice. I am not your privilege.” This simplifies the tragedy set upon women by the society! “The bindi on forehead, the ring on my finger, adding your surname to my name, they are ornaments. They can be replaced.” Indian patriarchy binds women to her husband for seven lives! Long time, it’s not just imprisonment for this life, but six more lives to come. And what if her husband is a wife-beater, a drunkard, a womanizer, a drug addict? Seven lives is what she is to endure!

Neither choosing a husband nor the freedom to sail away from him, our choices have no voice! And when they finally do, the patriarchy tries to curtail it. BAN! Ban India’s Daughter. Criticize My Choice. Just cut off our wings or cage us in your lethal, blood-curdling patriarchism. This ensures the men are safe, their thoughts un-caged, their limbs working, their genitals running crazy while women are at the mercy of her men.

Bondage. BDSM. It isn’t something you watch on internet. Its real life Porn! Look closely, men out there are nothing be dominants and women, men’s submissive. The reason, the major reason why a book like, Fifty Shades Of Grey, would do so well. It may be hardcore porn, but isn’t our life already? Isn’t it so?

Men, their choices have voice, ours don’t. It is either a slut or a whore, the cuss words come along with the being of our sex. It’s time to change. It is time to uncage ourselves. 

Free the spirit. Breathe. Uncage yourself. Plunge!