What’s the most appropriate time for a woman to talk to her man? 

He wakes up early for work and is often in hurry. He is too busy to reply to her messages. Expecting a monosyllabic reply from him is way too high a expectation. When he gets back home he is in dire need of his regular dose of entertainment and that doesn’t include a small talk with his woman. He is much into newspaper or TV to pay any heed to what his wife has to say. When he gets to bed he is too tired and needs his beauty sleep.

In this daily up and down he fails to notice the forlorn mood of his wife and that she has been aging quickly. The wife gets no time to tell her husband that she has been diagnosed of a deadly disease and should soon be treated. And in no time she becomes bedridden only to wake up in an eternal time zone.

After the funeral of his wife when the husband returns to a deserted apartment, it’s silence and seclusion engulfs him causing a break down. As he steadies himself and walks  to the bedroom, there near his side of the bed, on the table, just next to his wedding picture, he finds an envelope. He opens it only to read the last letter from his wife.

“Dear Joseph,

I know you have loved me dearly and will continue to do so. But in

between your marriage and work you have lost me to fate. I wish I had

more days to spend with you. Alas! That won’t be happening anymore. I

wished to cuddle our cherubed babies in my arm and that too remains a

mere dream. You were always a good lover. You were right as a husband.

You said you worked hard for the life of two of us but unfortunately

we couldn’t start a life together. Perhaps someday you will read this

letter. Do not be shocked by looking at my reports that are tucked

inside this envelope. This is how fate meddled in our life and has now

taken away your love. I wish I could just show you how much I love you

for one last time. But I love you dearly and from the depths of my

heart. I know I won’t be around long so I have stuck the post-its all

over the place so make things easy for you. I love you, Jo.

Yours Only


Inside the envelope were the reports that Jane had mentioned. Her cancer has been diagnosed in the later stages and she was in dire need of blood transfusion. Joseph recalled the oft repeated statement he made to his wife when she complained about his work life meddling with his personal life. “I am doing this for the two of us,” he’d say. But now he realized, he was doing that for only his self. And somewhere between his selfish gains he lost his most prized possession.

Jane will never return to him in a mortal form. Joseph lost her to time. He shall forever regret and mourn for the loss. But then does this story of Jane & Joseph leave us with any message?

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