Steel is much into emotions and drama and that works magic for her. Her popularity is solely basis the kinda relationships she weaves through her work. While my personal favorite by Steel happens to be ‘The Ghost,’ I also fell in love with the novel ‘Sisters.’ It is very intensely evoking novel about three sisters who come back to be each others strength.

Much like every year Candy, Tammy, Annie and Sabrina come home for Fourth Of July weekend but it turns into a horrendous and unimaginable tragedy.While coping with this harsh reality the grit of the sisters help them heal themselves. It is one novel where I lack words to describe how very heartwarming it is.

There’s nothing in this book that you won’t like. It’s packed with emotions, drama and humor. It’s seamlessly woven tale of four sisters. Every character is endearing and every character is given equal footage. If you are an emotional fool like I am, this book will surely gain your undivided attention till the end.

To sum up, you shouldn’t miss this book if you need a complete mood changer. It is filled with positive vibes to the brim!

So is this book for keeps? Totally.

On the scale of readability, I rate it 8 on 10.

How much rating will I give this one? 4 out of 5 stars.

If you have read this one, do let me know your views in the comment box below.