Scrub is one must-have essential in our daily skin care routine. There are number of scrubs to suit your skin type and needs available in the market. And some are organic too but the authenticity of these cannot be tested. However, here’s how you can make your own organic face and body scrub in minutes….


1 tbsp Besan / Gram flour 

1 tbsp Malai / Cream ( If possible keep it overnight in fridge and use it the next day. This will ensure that it doesn’t break and helps to even out the consistency.)

1 tbsp Rice flour

 1 pinch Turmeric powder 

Mix the ingredients well. And rub the mixture all over your body and face in circular motion. 

For better results wash yourself with a herbal soap and facewash and use 

This scrub is a blessing for those irritated with dark underarms. As also it helps to remove unwanted facial hair. New borns and new mummies often find this pack beneficial. 

Make sure you try this and let me know your reviews in the comment box below.