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Ok, so I have picked up a topic in this category after a long time. I have been dealing with my emotions caused my father’s death which happened few days after my delivery. Coming back to the topic. 
If you are prepared and taken a plunge in planing a baby. It might happen that miracle has already taken place. For me, January 2016 was the miracle month, my zero month. Initially, I felt fatigued and nauseous and exponentially it developed into a regular trouble. Besides this I also had hernia. Well, the issue of hernia came up only after I conceived and as it happens I was unaware about my condition. Doctor seemed to have guessed that I might be pregger and so gave me mild pain killers. 
So if you are having sudden stomach ache and have been diagonsed with umbilical hernia, it may be possible that you are expecting. Dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue are other early symptoms of pregnancy. If your facing the later it is advisable to eat less but eat healthy every two hours. Although I didn’t face early morning sickness, many women complaint about it. The only solution to this is eating a biscuit as soon as you wake up every day. This will lessen the trouble and give you enough energy. Avoid consuming heat inducing food items like papaya, garlic, chicken, mutton, beef etc. Although it is healthy and protein rich, too much of it can lead to miscarriage and we do not want that to happen. 

Rest, eat healthy, eat small meals every two hours and love adding fat to your belly because this fat isn’t something to crib about. 

Ps: Medical science counts 10 months, unlike layman who considers only 9 months. Doctors will ask for the date of your last menstrual cycle. So zero month is very, very vital.