I haven’t reviewed a movie/ play/series in the longest time but I guess this one has compelled me to pen this blog at this odd hour. (It is 2:21 as I write.) 

What pushed me to watch this web series was it’s scintillating promos. It was so ugly that it was good. You know what I mean? It showed the meanest side of married life and it was done impressively. What happens in the life of a married woman, is it just limited to bed or does she have a life of her own. In our world, women are objectified, no matter what field we belong to. We are always taken for granted and that is so not cool. We give up our lives, our dreams to make house a home, a worthy space to live in. But men, do they ever understand us? Never or perhaps some do. 
It’s Not That Simple is one such complicated web of relationship where estranged relationships become dear while the dear ones fall apart. It is a sweet tale of a woman’s search of herself. You know, being a wife, a mother and a homemaker isn’t a meek task. It takes a lot out of us. Yes, I know this because currently I have been handling a 3-month-old alongside everything else, including this blog. In the process of being a homemaker we give up on ourselves. We don’t deck up, sheer makeup seems like a task. Gradually our husbands treat us like a doormat, well, may be not all husbands but some chauvinists do. Their wife is supposed to watch after their kids, guard and clean up their den and warm their bed when asked for. There’s no bother about her feelings. Not a single minute is spared to think about her likes and dislikes while she has to take care of the choices of others. Alongside dissing this misogynist society the series shows us a beautiful transformation of a woman.

Swata Bhaskar takes us through the life of Meera, who is married to Jayesh. Their marriage has lost shine and Meera, the architect has become just a housewife for her husband. While she goes out to find the much missing love element in her married life, she bumps into the most prettiest relationship which is a taboo for the society. Despite that she learns to fight back and she learns to thrive. This 7 episode drama is so intriguing that it keeps you hooked till the credits scroll. It’s refreshing with subtle treatment. The performances are top notch, especially, Swara. Swara Bhaskar has always been a competent actor when it comes to the young brigade. Her acting can never be underrated but in this series she blooms like spring. She takes the character to its destiny naturally without giving away to outrageous. And a special mention of the look she carries throughout. She sports bold and looks super hot effortlessly. 

The series has interesting directorial touches. And the use of light is simply fabulous. The background music is extremely lively and ably instills an uncanny zeal in us as we watch. The dialogues are crafty yet hard hitting. 

“Jayesh- Kya laun main tumhare liye Berlin se?

Meera- Respect.” 

Enough said.

Overall, it is a must watch for every woman and man out there. 

Where to find it? On Voot or you can also download the app.

What I loved the most?

The bike ride. Nothing defines liberation better than learning to ride a bike, especially a Harley. Which reminds me, how very familiar it is to the liberation of a woman character , Sumi, from Shashi Deshpande’s novel A Matter Of Time. 

Take a bow Danish Aslam and Charudutt Acharya. 

If you have watched this series do let me know your reviews in the comments box below.