OK, some of you might think why web series? Well, one because it is a next big leap in the entertainment industry and two, because after my daughter sleeps, I have ample time to spare on internet. 

I came across this web series on TVF play. The TVF guys are quite well-known solely for their creativity. Their humor and ingenious shows have been tickling our funny bone for sometime now. But Permanent Roommates is one web series which is warm. It is filled with laughter, fun, drama, ample romance and tragedy as we go on. At the end of the day the  promise of a happy ending gets fullfilled but it also leaves you panting for more. Humor is fresh and convincing. Actually, the entire series is convincing. The punches are raw and rare. Emotions are well matched with humor. The antics of the character are nonpareil.
The character of Mikesh is an extremely rare find and Tanya is one lucky chick. The character has undertones of Joey from Friends but with a personal touch which you will definitely fall in love with. Tanya is an urbane babe over the surface but deep within she is beautiful. She falls in love with a modern-rustic Mickey, doesn’t wish to get married but stills yearns for a marriage, doesn’t want to have kids but still ends up keeping their love child. She may have dilemmas but at the end of the day she has her life sorted. 

I know this series is already a hit with two seasons down but this review is for those who haven’t watched it yet. The second season introduces many seasoned actors in one frame with Dadu played by Asrani, Darshan Jariwala who plays Mickey’s father, Sheeba Chaddha who plays Mickey’s mother, Shishir Sharma plays Tanu’s father. A special mention needs to be made of Deepak Mishra who plays the character of Purushottam. He is a TVF guy and we have seen a lot of him in the TVF videos. But in this series he adds a decisive comic touch to the plot bringing out humor with his errors and simplicity. By the end of season 1 you develop fondness for the characters. 

An overall aura of the series reminds you of Friends and yet it is unique. The direction is simplistic but the content is the king, the reason behind the popularity of the series. The music is a prototypal and I certainly feel that Bollywood should take a cue from the music composers of the series.

If you have watched this series do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

PS: I am earnestly waiting for season 3.

PPS: This series doesn’t need a review. It is sheer work of genius. Go watch it.

Where to find it?

On YouTube or you can download the TVFplay app from Play store.