Getting a professional nail art done can turn out to be heavy on your pockets. Making up your nails at home without a perfect nail art kit is also a daunting task. But here are some tips to make nail art simpler. 

I have made this nail art using a toothpick. You can use a needle if you wish. 

Keep your designs ready. It should be such that it is easy on your hand as well. Since we aren’t professionals you might find it difficult to sketch tiny figures on your nails.

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You don’t have to be clean but please don’t be shabby. Cut shapes and use it to make your designs. 
Make use of sponge to get gradient nails.

You can mess around the cuticle area too. Once done with your nails art just dip a earbud in acetone and wipe off the nail paint stains if any. 

Here is another picture of nail art done using toothpick.

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I have pulled out few other designs from internet you can make using a toothpick , paper or sponge. 

Surf the web for more such ideas before you get down to business.

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