The world believes that India is rich in its history, traditions, values and folklores. Not much has been spoken about the beautiful vedic scriptures that have been giving the world a wisdom much necessary. It is believed that the sacred book, Bhagvat Gita was exported to western world so that Philosophers of Aristotle’s likes could study the holy scripture and take away the pious knowledge that Lord Krishna granted to Arjuna. Bird’s eye view will give the world a hint about the superstitions, but much has been kept behind the blinds.

With whatever little knowledge that I have collated, I formulate this piece which speaks of the inventions given by ancient Indian scriptures. 

Aeroplanes: When we speak of a huge bird making its flight by carrying the human passengers, we often thank the Wright brothers for it. However, this invention that has made our travel easy has been around in India since the Ramayana days. (Ramayana happens to be yet another Holy Scripture.) When the antagonist of the book, Ravana, tried to woo the hero’s (Ram’s) wife, Sita, he disguised as a sage and asked her to trespass her limits. The woman of utmost virtue wouldn’t accept anybody else as her life partner. She stuck to her limits. However, Ravana forcibly took her and flew to Lanka (now, Sri Lanka) in his vimaan or Aeroplane called as Pushpak Vimaan. 

(Not only that, but Ravana was giver of Australia. Yes! According to this Holy scripture, Ravana would keep his weapons, known as Astra in Sanskrit, in a land far off to a corner of the world. Sooner this place came to be known as Astraalay or abode for weapons, which is now known as Australia.)

Sex Change: This concept of sex change operation which has been emerging off-late has been mentioned in the holy scripture of Mahabharata. Daughter of Drupada choose to change her gender to be turned into an invincible warrior only so as to annihilate Bhishma, her adversary and avenge for her chastity which was taken away by him in her previous birth. So despite being born as woman, through immense penance she transformed herself into Shikhandi which brought about the death of Bhishma, a venerable warrior of Kuru Clan.

Architecture: We applaud many architects of the present time, we speak of the mansions and villas that they design. But we forget that the maker of the world or Vishwakarma had already started with the most beautiful creation where we now live. Vishwakarma was also responsible to create the beautiful city of Indraprastha which was mirror image of Indra’s Swarag or Heaven. The mansion where Pandavas later took abode called as Maya Mahal was in fact a work of architecture by a danava or demon called Mayasura. Both these creations were sight of envy. Maya Mahal had tricks and treats in itself so much that you would be staggered for you wouldn’t be able to distinguish between fiction and reality. 

Test Tube Babies:  I cease to comment on Kripacharya, a known character from Mahabharata who was born along with his sister on the reeds after the semen of his father, Sage Sharadwan emptied on it by having controlled his desire for a celestial nymph who tried seducing him. But the character of Dronacharya is said to have been bred in a vessel. A great teacher was the first test tube baby to be born in the great India or Mahabharata!

Unbelievable facts are they not? And if one tries reading the ancient Indian scriptures and epics – Ramayana and Mahabharata- one is sure to find the technicalities and inventions we perceive to be from Modern age.

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