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I am not sure how many out there agree with arrange marriages. On a certain level it is fine but most of the times things are kept behind the blinds. Not many out there can find out the secrets behind the poker face. We all have secrets, don’t we? Well, what happens most of the times is that we refrain from divulging most about our past. Janhvi Desai is one such girl who married Ram Raghuvanshi. She was always kept under curfew by her parents. Coming from a conservative society this is a normal plight but she had much more to ask from her life. If marriage meant her gateway to freedom then she agreed to it. Then again the situation turned sour when she got to know her husband up close and personal.

If this piqued your interest then you are sure to love reading the entire novella.

BEYOND THE VEIL – THE JOURNEY OF AN INDIAN GIRL is now available on all online retailers.

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