This is my PERIOD story. Read on. 

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“As an Author who has voiced the prevalent women issues in my debut novel Beyond The Veil-The Journey Of An Indian Girl, I find it imperative and essential to participate in this one-of-kind awareness program held by Kshitij Foundation. I would urge all the women to speak up because it is pivotal for our health and hygiene. 

So here is my period story. 

While nearing the dawn of puberty I wasn’t sure as to what  really happened when you got your chums. I hadn’t a clue why they would use certain phrases like “Kawla Shivla” which literally means touched by a crow. This was perhaps two weeks before puberty kissed me red. I pointed at a friend to leave the gang solely because a crow touched her head with it’s beak when we were playing during our PT class. Unaware and naive, I reported the now worried 14-year-old classmate to our teacher who simply laughed out loud, rubbished my say and told us to carry on with the sports activities. I guess, the reason behind my saying so to my friend would be the taboo associated with periods which asks women to stay away from her household duties, sit in a corner and be a mannequin. What started keeping the health of the women in mind turned into a stringet practice and despite being educated and qualified I find people still practicing it. 

So this is my period memory. Share yours​ #BleedTheSilence – Siddhi Palande (Prasiddhi) ”
Kudos and more power to you Snehal for starting this campaign. 

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