I have always had an insatiable urge for philosophy and I always wanted to know about the dimensions beyond the physical so it goes without saying that topic such as life after death interest me. In my July TBR I read renowned Author Deepak Chopra’s famous book, “Life After Death.” Having read Authors such as Dr Weiss, Walter Semkiw, Raymond Moody, Paramhansa Yogananda etc. who have been outspoken about such topics in the past, I wanted to know what new does Chopra pen in his book. And I must laud the author for the way the book kept on unfolding something new with ever page. Yes, it is a page turner. In the world of non-fiction writers it is an uncalled for competition which tests the ability of the author to lay out the topics in a much different way than what has been discussed by his/her predecessors. And I agree that the book must have been a challenging task for Chopra. While I won’t divulge too much, let me put it that this book is way different from Life After Life of Moody. (You can read the entire review of Life After Life book here.) There’s a lot you can take from this book. Karma and meditation form an intrinsic or rather core part of the book. You get acquainted with worldly concepts of spirituality. It speaks about soul, after life, NDE, and many such concepts. For someone like me who has been a spiritual seeker this book helps expand my understanding of cosmic working and introduce to the different horizons. The author uses varied anecdotes from his work life to support and give depth to the concepts. He breaks down the spiritual realm to explain concepts like cosmos, ghosts, memories, akashic field etc. He expands on the concepts of angels / Messengers and dreams. He speaks about telepathy and how some savants are more able than the average kid. The book is more of a cluster of Indian philosophy. Chopra’s research is so in-depth that it will definitely blow your mind. He builds the concepts brick by brick supporting it with ample of examples so that we have a thorough clarity of all the concepts. Overall, this book acts like a guidebook or handbook for those wanting to know more about life after death or spirituality. On the scale of readability, I rate it 9 on 10. How much rating will I give this one? 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you have read this one, do let me know your views in the comment box below. #HappyReading