Since I realized I haven’t done a beauty blog in a long time, here’s on post on it.

Post pregnancy I have faced multiple issues but oily skin has been an ongoing one. I tried many products s and DIY but getting rid of oily skin was only three steps away.

I don’t really have a particular morning routine. But I often scrub my face, use face wash for cleansing and use a toner throughout the day if I am not going out. One product which acts as a toner and sunscreen is aloe vera gel. I use this on a daily basis. It can be used as a primer too.

So here’s what’s to be done.

Before sleeping, either wash your face or if you have to hustle around a toddler like I do, you can use a wet wipes, baby wipes work wonders on your skin.

Use the aloe vera gel now. Rub it in circular motion.

Sleep on it.

Now, the next product happens to be as easily available as the gel and is pocket friendly as well. Clean & clear face wash with granules. The one I am using is yellow coloured one. You can pick any, suiting your skin type.

Once thoroughly washed you can apply aloe vera gel, rub it in circular motion and let it stay.

So this has helped reduce the oiliness of the skin. You can try this trick 2-3 times in a day.

If you do try, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.