One need not mention the expertise of Gulzar. He is a renowned name in the film industry as well as in the world of poets and poetries. Aspiring poets look up to him. Green Poems, an anthology, is a compilation of those poems of Gulzar Saab which pertain to nature.

Being rainy season in India, this one makes a great read. Pipping hot coffee/chai, samosas and this book by Gulzar saab is all that you need and a quilt if you will.

I am in no position to review this book. Well, how can you? Reviewing the work of God, heard of it ever? But let me tell you that the book is sure to lighten up your mood and inspire you.

Gulzar saab brings life to the mute world of nature. It is as if those rivers, valleys, trees, rain, sky, talk to us and share their woes and views.

Some of my personal favorites from this collection happens to be: Closeup, Chutti Ke Din, Tahni Par Baitha Tha Wo, Naye Naye Chand Pe Rahne Aaye The to name a few. Every page oozes life and energy. It laughs at us and teaches us simultaneously.

The book has sarcasm, humor, newsiness, lushness of nature and might of Gulzar saab‘s words which you ought not to miss!

Published by Penguin Books, translated by Pavan K. Varma, this book is bilingual: Hindi and English, and consists of 59 poems by the poet laureate. If you have read this one do let me know which one is your favorite poem.