I am a published author and don’t endorse piracy. But there are some classics that are available online for free. You may download them without me instigating that thought.

As a mother of a tot, I have learned to appreciate the freedom of movement and reading that ebooks give. I have multiple reading apps on my phone, and we can certainly do a blog post about them later. But the point here is, ebooks are bae, as good as paperbacks and hardcovers. So in this particular blog post I am going to list down few of my reliable ebook downloading websites and also the catch.

1. Archive.org

This particular is my numero uno or go-to website when I need some important document or a very old book. This website helped with the ebook copies of writer like Amrita Pritam.

2. Ebookkake

Almost all the books that you search for on the web are available on this website. Even Alice In Wonderland or Matilda.

3. Pdforigin

Doesn’t really store too many books but once in a while you can be lucky.

4. Issuu

Now, this is available as an app also. You can check it out for books and magazines. There are samplers on this website also. So you can get a glimpse of your favourite author’s upcoming novel.

5. Droppdf

Now, I discovered this website through Pinterest today itself. So I don’t know how to download books from here but they do have an option to read online.

6. Novels3

Again, a website I discovered today and again a website which is perhaps read only.

7. Librivox

I could download and listen to classics! Yes, what more do you want from life? It is an app. 😊

8. Project Gutenberg

Everyone knows of this website or has heard about it at some point of time.

So, all of those who have tried downloading books will surely have faced certain common issues. Let’s address them here.

1. Misleading PDFs

You will find a self downloading misleading PDFs. When you open the file all you see is a two pager that’s the blurb of the book you were looking for or a non-functional download link.

2. Links hidden in a Google map

Yes, I tried clicking on this one ample of times till I realized it was risky. Please do not click on such links.

3. Wattpad links

I don’t know how people link their Wattpad stories to some random book names but such links pop up on the Google front page time and again. Beware.

4. Pinterest

This one is hit and miss. Some links are misleading and some helpful. Remember how I came across Droppdf?

5. Read online

There are ample of such websites and what they do want is, perhaps to accumulate email database. They ask you to register and then there’s no head and no tail to it.

6. Disqus Forums

My experience of Disqus forums is 1 amongst 10 will be a hit and rest are miss.

If you have any other website which has worked superb for you please do leave a link in the comments. Also if there are issues that you faced while downloading books online, then do write to me. 😊