I received this novel from the author, Pravesh Vir Siddhu. What attracted me towards the book was the name, Nice Men Finish Last, for it rings true. The book is published by Srishti publishers

The story of the novel revolves around the complicated love life of the protagonist Nandu. He is a student of dentistry and owing to his pressing study routine he has wrecked his love life. He is distraught and wants to move on. His friends -Sattu, Shardul and Keshav- come to his rescue. They help him bounce back, teaching him the tricks of rebound. However, his sabbatical from a nice man to a bad boy lands him on his face. That’s when he begins to rework on himself to regain his nice man image. And the Cupid strikes again. Tanishq is all that he had wished for and he will move mountains to be with her. But does she really deserve this nice man?

I may or may not have presented the story in a just way. However, the book is a breath of fresh air. There are number of love stories out there but this one promises to entertain you, move you and leave you with a good feeling. It has ample of funny conversations which not only get you hooked but tickle your funny bone too. The book maintains the stereotypical image of Delhi boys, rather strengthens it. It may seem disrespectful towards women but that’s how sick the men can be. What matters most is presenting such thoughts flawlessly on paper.

Author uses titles for chapter instead of numberingto stress on their significance to the story. The chapters are short and crisp and deftly take you into the depths of Nandu’s life. The writer uses pun and hilarity to make the sentences engaging.
You soon know that you are reading wits which gets you more involved in the story. However, had the author used single inverted commas to denote the protagonist’s thoughts, some parts could have lessened the confusion.

What was my favorite part from the book? Certainly the dialogue exchange between the characters. But the conversation between Nandu and Tanishq while he attends the patients and her call simultaneously, is my favorite. Yes, it is tad too Bollywood cliche conversation there but it is smartly put. One can relish this 216 paged pleasure ride in a single sitting.

To sum up, I totally recommend this book if you want to perk up your mood and/or if you have been forlorn for the longest time. It is one feel good book you must read. For a debut novel, take a bow, Mr. Author.

Publisher- Srishti Publisher
Available on – Amazon

On the scale of readability, I rate it 7.5 on 10.

How many stars will I give this one? 3.5 on 5.

If you have read the novel do let me know your views in the comments below.