My passion for writing and reading is what got me into reviewing books. This experience is way different from reviewing films. My stint in media helped me review some uber thought provoking cinematic brilliance. And now, my stint as a book reviewer is helping me come across some fabulous works by debut authors. As I told one author I contacted, “my reviews are an appreciation from one author to another,” because I precisely know what goes into putting together a novel! I have thanked author Bharat Madan before and I thank him again for having sent me the copy of his book Jim Morgan And The Seven Sins. The novel is published by Authors Paradise Publishers. The book has taken the readers by storm and it is for all good reasons.

The story of the novel revolves around the international best selling author, Jim Morgan. Jim has been confronted by his past sins. His life may be filled with fame, money and glamour but it is jeopardized nonetheless. The only way to realign his life is to go back in time to stand up to the sins committed. The clues to which lie in his novels.

Let me begin by stressing that this novel has potential to be an international best seller. And looking at the fame it has garnered in a short span of time, it is on its way to be one.

The book gets you hooked from the word go. It gets you involved and you can feel a surge of adrenaline as the story pushes the protagonist into an endless whirlwind of events.

The story is intriguing to the tee. It is unlike any fantasy thriller that you would have read. As you get into analysing the dialogues you realize the inexplicable amount of maturity and philosophical reflections, the ones that come after writing plentiful of novels. The book does have minor typos which can be overlooked.

Overall, you should totally pick this novel if you wish to read some fresh fantasy thriller.

Publisher: Author Paradise Publishers
Available: Amazon, Flipkart, Crosswords and other book stores.

On the scale of readability I rate it 8 on 10.

How many stars will I give? 4 on 5

If you have read this one do leave your reviews in comments.