‘Because “common man” like us only having half of things –half-plate eating, half-night sleeping, half laughing, , half crying, half living and also half dying. This atthanni never becomes full rupiah.’

Gulzar. Gulzar. Gulzar. I am absolutely in love with this wordsmith. His words will definitely melt your heart. Even the toughest cannot survive when stroked by the pleasantness of his word power. So I began reading this book by Penguin India. I had finished it a long time ago but owing to the pressing issues, legal matters, I couldn’t sit and pen down the review.

The book consists of 25 stories divided in 8 sections. Every section spells out a theme. All the stories are slice of life stories. Quiet earthy, meaningful and wanting. Every section is preceded by a couplet pertaining to the theme of the section.

First section deals with death. Second section speaks for the spirit of Mumbai. Third section is about the life at LoC or that of military officers. Fourth section speaks about man made disasters. Fifth pertains to terrorism of all kinds. Sixth talks about growing up, seventh about natural disasters and eighth about relationships. The stories are translated by Sunjoy Shekhar.

The sole drawback I feel about this book, the couplets should have been in Hindi. It would have added a zest to the whole experience.

Every story is beautiful in itself but the stories I loved the most were The Stench, Half A Rupee, Ghugu and Jamuni, Hilsa, Pickpocket and Dusk.

Here’s quoting Gulzar, if this won’t make you pick up the book then nothing ever will.

Tum hee se janmoon toh shayad panah miley…

I do not have any right to rate this book I would definitely give it no less than 5 stars if it were in my power. As for rating it on the scale of readability, since it is translated, I would rate it 9 on 10.

If you have read this one, then do let me know your reviews in the comments below.