Indian literature has always tried to magnify the image of women who are often considered weak gender in Indian patriarchal system. However, today these young, energetic girls are defying odds and touching the horizons of success. Prachi Garg in her non-fictional work Super Women captures 20 successful women entrepreneur and their inspiring story.

155 pages long, Super Women by Garg is inspiring to the tee. The stories do not target one particular field but we meet women who have succeeded in uncanny streams. Making it big in the world of pet accessories or astrology consultancy might seem impossible and insane but that’s the insanity of passion which has helped these women numero uno in their fields.

I am a woman, who has also authored a book on the real life story of a woman, who has been currently fighting for her family and against some miscreants in her society, who has seen ups and downs in starting a business, who knows how much risk it involves to take major decisions in life like giving birth to a start-up. It is precisely for this reason that I found this book extremely inspiring.

When I talk about the writing style, despite being non-fictional, the stories tap the expressions and behaviors of the subject without a hitch. Garg has a way with words, she writes like a seasoned journalist. Initially, I had an inkling that she had something to do with journalism because it was a prominent trait in her writing style.

All the stories have a pattern. The author has made it reader friendly by following a few points namely – background of the subject, especially her education and past work experience, i.e. her current status; her success story in brief, hurdles she faced and how did she resolve, anecdotes from her initial days, company ethos and environment and the future vision of the entrepreneur.

To sum up, if you need a dose of inspiration this is the book for you.

On the scale of readability I rate it 9.5 on 10.

How many stars will I give this book? 4 on 5 😊

Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Available on: Amazon, Flipkart

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