As a writer I know what it takes to pen down a line, a blog post, a poem, a short story or even a novel. Been there, done that. But the biggest setback one faces is a writer’s block, especially irksome is the one which chokes us just days before the deadline. However, Penguin India has released a book of prompts, Hack Into Your Creativity by Michael Burns which can be your ultimate destination to get over the nasty blocks.

It is one of a kind book of prompts. You won’t need any app for referring to prompts anymore after you pick this book. It is one stop shop for picking up ideas and getting over your writer’s block
It is an essential kit for the writers. It ably enhances your writing skills with the set of its out-of-the-box prompts. These prompts challenge you, make you ponder and make you want to write!

The book is divided into different sections and each section has a set of prompts dedicated to a theme. The author has helped you with the prompts that will enable you to build your characters, storyline, genre. 256 pages long, the book can used as a writer’s journal.

Author also gives valuable advice at regular intervals which will help you in your writing. You may try your hand at different genres, get out of your comfort zone and try penning a genre that you have disliked. It is one easy to read book. It is rather an exercise books for writers and aspiring writers. If you are unable to enroll yourself into the writing workshops, this book will help you hands down.

To sum up, to hone your writing skills, to challenge the writer within you, to get over your writer’s block, pick up this unique project by Michael Burns, Hack Into Your Creativity.

Publisher: Penguin India
Available on: Amazon, Flipkart, Crosswords

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