The novel, What was my fault by Aziz Padiwala was sent to me by the author himself. I cannot guarantee a spoiler free review for this one so read at your own risk.

Indian society is predominantly patriarchal in nature. I have written about it’s double standards in my novella, Beyond The Veil-The Journey Of An Indian Girl. Author Aziz does the same in his novel, What was my fault. On the surface it is an unrequited love story but it’s crux lies in the social stigma associated with certain set of people. It is as if we have been given two different sets of viewing glasses, the one which society thinks befitting and the one which is convenient to us. Aziz emphasis on these aspects which are forever ignored.

Farhan has a past. He has been stifled under the pressure of work and responsibilities for the longest time. His love life hasn’t ever been fun either. To break the monotonous life he flies down to India for a wedding. It is here that he meets a vibrant girl, Zoya. But Farhan’s past intervenes and we are confronted with the most difficult, frequent and neglected issue of our times – divorce.

The word is potent enough to pierce through like the shard of a broken glass. And while, the statics have been showing the rise in divorce cases on one hand, the other side shows growing depression and anxiety amongst the divorcees. The taboos attached to divorcees remains another matter of concern. It is this sensitive topic that Aziz handles in his novel. He brings us face to face with facts we have always ignored. He shows us the hypocritic side of the society. He handles the matter with aplomb and enough panache.

The author has deftly peppered the novel with varied emotions and sequences pivotal to the climax. What looks like a slice of life story turns into a vital social message, is what I loved to most about this novel. It is a debut work so it is bound to have one too many copy errors but this novel makes you overlook such minor glitches. You get hooked to it till the very end. Yes, it does have the potential to bring a smile to your face, a blush, rather. You will definitely love the scene where Farhan tries to woo Zoya.

I got involved in the novel from the beginning because I have only recently been there, perhaps I am still there. However, I did have mixed feelings about it as I went further x. Considering I am writing away a heartfelt review for this novel certainly means that it is an impressive work.

Some stories are meant to be read because of their potential. Aziz, does come across as an exceptional storyteller. He presents you with an uncanny story picked from the life of a layman which ought to be read for it’s uniqueness of being common!

Publisher: Power Publishers
Available on: Flipkart, Amazon

On the scale of readability I rate it 6 on 10.

How many stars will I give this work? 3.5 out of 5

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