What attracted me towards the novel was the popularity of the author, Anurag Anand and the name of the novel for it resonates one of the bestseller by Cecilia Ahern, which also happens to be my favorite. Will the novel live up to it’s name? That was the question lurking in my mind. Let me begin by saying that, Where The Rainbow Ends, isn’t anything like it’s namesake yet adeptly seeps into your skin.

Rahul and Shalini’s dysfunctional married life takes an abrupt halt. What begins thence is a game of hatred. Shalini, daughter of a VIP, leaves no stone unturned to create a havoc in Rahul’s life for the custody of their daughter, Myra. The only solace in these turbulent times for Rahul and Myra is Avantika. But fate has something else in store for them. With Avantika’s disappearance commences yet another web of events which leads us to staggering revelations.

Not only is the story well-knit but the writing is so deft that you are easily drawn into the lives of it’s characters. You will feel the warmth of Rahul and Shalini’s budding relationship, you meet the nebulous college goer, Rahul who soon transforms to a matured adult Rahul burdened by responsibilities. We seethe with hatred for a cold, irresponsible, Shalini. Such and many more emotions are evoked by the novel.

The plot has many twists and turns which keep you hooked. It is a sure page turner and racy at that. You zip through the lives of the characters in such a manner that you are bound to be speechless towards the end. All the characters are whole, nothing is left unripe. All the ends are tied up well and clean. Even the minor characters have a satisfied end and that what makes the novel more likable.

To sum up, it is one phenomenal work by Anurag Anand that you ought not to miss.

Publishers: Srishti publishers
Available: Amazon, Flipkart, Crosswords

On the scale of readability it is definitely 9 on 10.

I rate it 4 stars out of 5.

If you have read this one do let me know your views in the comments.