I love reading mythological fiction. Ashwin Sanghi has created a huge fan following for himself by delving deeper into the myths this mystical country has to offer. And while I have not read many such thrillers, I can say that there are writers flourishing this genre. One such author who has recently released his debut crime thriller, The Resurrection Of Evil, is Neelabh Pratap Singh. The book has been published by Storymirror.

The story begins with a heated scene introducing us to the protagonist, Aryan, who is an ACP in Mumbai. Aryan is assigned a case of a stolen antique cauldron. However, it is not what it seems to be. The cauldron is loaded with mysteries and there are different sects after this relic. These sects are a much known part of Indian mythology. Aryan’s chase which begins in Delhi takes him to the remotest corners of India.

One thing you may be assured is that this novel will not bore it. It is extremely entertaining and enlightening. If you love mysteries this novel is just the one for you. It explores a much talked about episode from the Indian mythology but which till date remains unexplored. It blends myth with science to put forth the unimaginable creations of our ancestors. It binds fiction with non-fiction seamlessly.

When I talk about the characters, there are aplenty. Each one is given a justified position and footage throughout the novel. All the characters are whole, in the sense that, nothing about these characters remain unripe. The protagonist, especially, has heroic gait. From riding high speed sports bike to breaking a wine bottle to tackle the enemy and setting a helicopter on fire, he ably and “convincingly” does everything, Bollywood-esque. The story evolves slowly helping us absorb each character and other healthy details pertaining to the story.

It is well researched fiction with tightly bound story. The story has a sub-plot and again, it is work well done. The novel is amalgamation of all the right elements – dra, chase, thrill, crime, mythology – which makes it worth reading.

All the ends are neatly tied up. It is a tidy work of fiction and intriguing at that.
And while one cannot see creases in this work, there are places where edits are needed, though these can be counted as minor copy errors.

Having mentioned this, I would like to sum up by saying that I didn’t feel like putting the book down. I didn’t want to finish reading this book. It is one of those rare books where you want the author to take you into the depths of the story. So if you like thrillers pick up this book and if you like fiction pick up this book.

Publisher: Storymirror
Available: Amazon, Flipkart

I would give this book 8 on 10 on the scale of readability and I rate it 4.5 stars out of 5.

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