I love reading epics. And what better if you get to read an episode as detailed and evolving as Starless. Evan S. Sullivan’s Starless was sent by UK based Austin Macauley Publishers.

The novel revolves around an episode from the life of Calan, who belongs to the royalty. He aims to be a celebrated knight. However, the gruesome reality doesn’t go down well with him. We see two sides of Calan in this novella – an innocent child with dreams and a grown-up who is dealing with the crassness of knight life.

In a short span, Evan establishes the characters and the storyline effortlessly. He makes it a point to retain the child-like innocence while discussing Calan’s growing up years and voices Calan’s dilemmas in the later section of his life. There are multiple characters in the novella and despite being brief, their characteristics are spelled deftly by the author. Yes, the character descriptions is from Calan’s point of view who happens to be an unreliable narrator and so it is bound to be biased.

Talking about the plot, it is a well-knit drama. It is more like Calan’s monologue with the readers, albeit quit engaging. However, towards the climax one does yearn for more.

Overall, the novella involves drama, chase, mystical elements and a war that is more evolving and engaging with every page.

Publishers: Austin Macauley Publisher
Available on: Amazon

On the scale of readability I rate it 7 on 10.

I would give it 3 stars out of 5.

If you have read this novella do write to me your reviews. Book recommendations are also welcome. Hoping to see a healthy interaction in the comments section.