September had been a stormy month for me. There were number of issues I faced, some legal and many pertaining to medical. From ailment of my daughter and husband to run around meeting advocates, there was too much to tackle. And then there were those utterly emotional days too, like my father’s birthday. He would have turned 65. And all through such tumultuous time, when I couldn’t dedicate enough time, or rather, no time at all to my freelance writing; I read. I read as if today is the only day left. I read like I have never read before. It was one reading milestone for me that I achieved. I hope to surpass it sooner or later. So following are the 12 novels that I read and relished. You will find the reviews of all on my blog under category book reviews.

1. Nice Men Finish Last

2. Jim Morgan And The Seven Sins

3. Half A Rupee Stories

4. The Secret Shopper’s Revenge

5. The Bait

6. Super Women

7. Hack Into Your Creativity

8. What Was My Fault…???

9. The Man Under The Elm

10. Sit Still

11. The Magic Umbrellas

12. Where The Rainbow Ends

So how many books did you finish reading last month? I would love to hear from you. Do reply in the comments section. Waiting. 😊