Life is a tumultous road and the journey is never easy. And in this calloused walk only a few fortunate get a Second Chance.

Published by Educreation, Dr. Sandeep Jatwa’s debut novel Second Chance speaks about one such incident in the life of a billionaire Shekhar Kapoor. Shekhar is the owner of India’s leading shoe making company. He is arrogant, ignorant, womenizer and all things annoying. He has been hurting people around him, torturing them to no end. However, when he meets his end, he is confronted by God of Justice and all the crimes he has committed in his life. Only thing that can give him a second chance is Love, the virtue he has earned little.

The plot is a mix of myth and science. It touches the concepts of NDE (you can read my review of Raymond Moody‘s novel Life After Death here), debate over the existence of hell and the mythical punishments given for our wrongdoings. At some point when the Book keeper reiterates all the punishments to be given you do get a feel of watching the South dub Hindi blockbuster, Aparichit. (Yes!) But that’s that. From here what commences is the second half where the protagonist tries correcting himself while enduring the pain of punishment.

To br upfront the novel has glaring, in-your-face, grammatical errors which is sure to vex the grammar Nazis. But over and above that one finds a finely knit story. A story with a moral. A much known yet diversified tale. The writer goes grandiose with his quill but manages to retain the reader attention but effectively throwing a suspense element from time to time. Towards the climax, he tied up all the ends neatly. Nothing is left unsaid in this story. However, what I found unrealistic was the part where Unnati Sharma without a single thought asks Shekhar Kapoor to marry her. No remorse of a broken up relationship or the hesitation of proposing ones boss! Also the relationship to shape takes two people’s efforts, here only Shekhar’s feelings are spoken about and Unnati is more like a colleague to him as far as her conversations go.

Nonetheless, the writer juggles with multiple characters and manages to tell a good story.

Since Halloween is approaching you can definitely think of giving this one a try. What with the tale about the mythical City of Justice and the horrific punishments, it will add a tad thrill to your trick and treat mood.

Publisher: Educreation
Available: Amazon, Flipkart, eBay

On the scale of readability I rate it 6 on 10.

The book is worth 3 stars.

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