I am doing a DIY post after long. This was triggered by drastic rise in hair fall. It is said that post delivery hormonal changes tend to lead to hair fall and skin issues. To put a stop to this, I decided to do some research and here’s a simple solution I came across – Vitamin E capsules!

Yes. A small capsule is alchemistic. The effect it has on your skin and hair will leave you thrilled. Now here’s how I use it.

Hair fall

As per the length of your hair, squeeze out the liquid from the capsules. I used two capsules. And half a table spoon of almond oil. One can use coconut oil or castor oil also. Either you can warm it before you massage it to your scalp or can use it as is after thoroughly mixing it.

After about a week, I can see the effect.

Alternatively you can use it with your hair mask also.

Skin care

Vitamin E adds glow to your skin, rids it of pimples, acne and dark spots. Add a little gel from the capsule to your moisturizer and apply the same before make up or use it with your night cream.

I am not a night cream and morning routine kinda person. I have just one solution for every skin issue and that is, Aloe Vera gel. So it goes without saying that I use this gel often and always as a moisturizer and night cream or make up setting spray.

Using Vitamin E gel with your face mask will also add a nice glow to your face. You can read about diy face mask here.

Use it with Vaseline and apply it on cracked heels will relieve you of the pain and heal your heels quicker.

Lip care

Pour some vitamin E gel while making lip balm (you can make lip balm at home, read this blog post) and you will see it’s magical effects on your chapped lips as well.

Use it to exfoliate by mixing it with caster sugar or honey. If you are using it with honey than let it stay for the night or at least 4-5 hours. And if you go for caster sugar, rub it on to your lips and wash them.

Benefits of Vitamin E

1. Treats damaged skin – sunburn, dark spots, aging, stretch marks etc. Acts as a cleanser. Heals dry, chapped skin and cold sores.

2. Repairs damaged hair. Thickens hair, repairs split ends. Prevents hair from graying prematurely.

3. Can prevent skin cancer, lighten scars and heals burns.

4. Balances hormones and cholesterol. Improves vision. Good for people with Alzheimer’s.

5. Strengthens muscles and increases physical endurance. Essential during pregnancy.

Consuming the capsules is also good way to supplement your body with Vitamin E. However, it is always good and adviseable to see your physician before deciding to take any pill on your own.

Albeit, you can try these DIYs and let me know the results. I shall wait for your comments.