I have already reviewed Prachi Garg’s Super Women, a non-fiction celebrating women entrepreneurs of India. In the same league, she brings forth yet another, Super Couples, celebrating the Cupid hit businesses of India.

The book takes us through varied ventures which began with an idea, stemming from the love, trust and warmth shared by the couple, talent just came in handy. Together they begin an adventure and stop at nothing until it reaches the pinnacle of success. Prachi brings forth some unheard, ingenious yet successful business stories in this book.

As a married woman, who has had aspirations to start something of her own, this book certainly gives me the much required zeal, enthusiasm and encouragement. As you read about the struggles and the subsequent success of the couples you tend to applaud them in your mind. Their work is definitely worthy of taking notes from. I mean notes because they have already been noticed. Rarely do you come across a book which gives you immense satisfaction alongside all the positive vibes of fighting the odds and conquering the world, Prachi’s pen has that might. Take a bow, Prachi.

Next up in this series is Super Siblings. And after having read two of her works, I eagerly await the next.

If you need a dose of inspiration, read these success stories, it certainly gives you major couple goals. I am sure it will help you come up with some creative venture of your own.

Publisher: Srishti publishers
Available on: Amazon, Flipkart

I would rate it 9 on 10 on the scale of readability. And it deserves 4 stars for all the alacrity.

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