Mulonga The Lost Elephant is a two minute read children’s book by Siân Moulder, published by Olympia Publishers.

I have loved reading children’s books and review them. Writing poems for children’s is one of my hobby. However, knitting an entertaining children’s story is something I haven’t tried still. And having said that, I truly admire those wordsmiths who can knit an engaging, moral worthy story for children without a glitch. Siân Moulder has that knack.

In just about 25 pages, Moulder gives us a thought provoking and a sweet tale of Mulonga. The baby elephant has lost her mum to the brutality of humans. In an attempt to save herself she has been lost from her herd. It is at such times messiahs come to her rescue.

Being an animal lover, I have always had an attraction towards elephants. It may or may not be because of the significance given to the elephants in the Indian mythology. However, the purpose behind penning this story is what touched my heart the most. Animal cruelty is on the rise and it needs to stop. We need to stop being inhuman and predatory. We need to stop encroaching on the animal land. This book has simplistically left a valuable message.

Using a tool of children’s story to send the message across is what is most admirable. The writer waters the roots so that it may grow into giving us sugary fruits. I hope this book reaches millions of young readers and implants the value of humanity.

Publisher: Olympia Publishers
Available on: Amazon

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