Every story has two sides. If you listen to it carefully, only then will you be able to judge the circumstances. Why this philosophy, you ask? Simply because, despite the fact that I have previously read books about terrorists, terrorism and “Love In The Torn Land”, I have hardly ever come across a novel as heart touching as Our Story Ends Here by Sara Naveed, published by Penguin India.

The story revolves around two characters namely Mehar and Sarmad. Both cross each other’s path, later to be entwined forever. Sarmad is a terrorist and Mehar, an easy-going, god-fearing girl of a retired military officer. But destiny has something magical in store for the two.

At the outset, it seems like an ordinary love story. Infact for a Bollywood buff like me, I would say it is a DDLJ meets Fanaa. But as you go on reading you are blown away by the beauty of its simplicity. It is simplistically told tale yet lovingly woven and put together.

Our Story Ends Here got me involved to a tee. The twists had me hooked and I found myself unable to get Saad and Mehar out of my mind. The settings doesn’t matter in such tales and yet I felt like I was walking the streets of Lahore and Swat. I have loved writing travelogues for celebrities who have been to Pakistan. And through their experience I had been able to virtually visit Pak. But Our Story Ends Here, made this experience my own in a unique way. Thank you Sara for that.

Having said that, there was a point of confusion between the connection of the prologue with the story. Some of you might want to put the book down at that point but I kept on reading and to my surprise the author has deftly connected the prologue and the rest of the story. You just have to keep faith in this story and it certainly won’t disappoint you. Infact it will evoke multiple beautiful emotions with every page that you turn. And if you are overtly emotional it will leave you teary eyed.

The chapters alternate between the viewpoints of the protagonists and are short. As I mentioned in one of my Instagram stories, the novel is buttery smooth and engaging. Moreover, it will take you to the place called “forever” and rejuvenate the love fervor.

For a crestfallen relationship this might be the antidote. Gift this book on the auspicious occasion of Diwali to your someone special.

Publisher: Penguin India
Available on: Flipkart, Amazon, Crossword

On the scale of readability I rate it 9 on 10 and it deserves 4 out of 5 stars.

If you have read this book or any other such book do leave your views, reviews and recommendations in the comments. Hoping to hear from my fellow #bookbloggers and #booklovers.

#HappyReading and a very #HappyDiwali