I am a spiritual seeker and often love reading books about spirituality and soul searching. Soha Abouchi’s The Life Of Self by Olympia Publishers is one such book.

At only about 71 pages, it is a sheer few minutes’ read. It has divided up the concept of self and takes us slowly to the point of awakening. As mentioned in my Instagram story, it is very lyrical in its approach and has one too many thought provoking quotes on life, spirituality and quotes to live by. The language is strong and Soha comes off as a seasoned writer with immense understanding of the subject. The treatment of the subject, however, lags.

When I say that the treatment lags I only wish to convey that the author could have adopted a more reader friendly way by throwing in some anecdotes and examples. Or she could have used a different format like a Q&A rather than making the readers run through the theories. Making the whole concept of self concise only goes on to show that perhaps the author wanted to wrap up the matter quickly. Nonetheless, one can see a seamlessly woven spiritual guide.

So if you haven’t picked up a spiritual, soul searching book in a while, this could be it- short and crisp.

Publisher: Olympia Publishers
Available on: Amazon

I rate this book a 2.5 on 5 stars but it deserves 8 on 10 on the scale of readability.

If you have read such books, or can recommend one to me, do leave the names in the comments. Also if you wish for me to do a post about spiritual books to read, do convey the same in the comments.