I am stunned into silence by this poignant book by Audrey Niffenegger. It deals with time traveling as reads the title.

It follows the story of Clare and Henry. Henry has a genetic disorder which makes him time travel. Clare has known Henry as a friend, philosopher and a guide throughout her life. At the crux it is a love story of Clare and Henry. It is their love which is the binding factor despite the time travel chaos.

The plot is extremely complex. It isn’t linear which makes it difficult to keep up with dates and/or episodes. But the author ties up all the ends neatly.

The author gives us alternate perspective throughout the novel.

Time travel is just a part of the novel. Overall, the novel deals with inexplicable emotions. It leaves you with a bulk of emotions. It tangles you up, consumes you whole, shakes you, pinches you, tickles you. And leaves you speechless perhaps teary eyed and/or with gooseflesh.

Ultimately it is an exploration of sorts and one ought to dive at their own risk to discover what this novel brings to you.

Be warned that it isn’t simple romance that awaits you. And then again, I can go on writing about the beauty of this book!

Publisher: Random House UK
Available on: Amazon, Flipkart, Bookchor, Crossword

For me this is a 5 star novel with 10 on 10 for readability.

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