I have always loved delving into the deeper trenches of Indian mythology and to question it. And to fuel my interest Devdutt Pattanaik has been a driving force. I began reading his books with “Myth = Mithya : Decoding Hindu Mythology” and then there was no looking back. Time and again I have bought his books and loved each one.

When Epic began the show Devlok I was extremely elated. However, owing to number of issues I wasn’t able to watch all the episodes. But with the release of Devlok series, me, and many readers like me, could access the content discussed on the show.

The book is divided into various concepts like Plants and Animals, Weapons, Planets, Directions, all the things that are given importance in Hinduism. It is said that for a lay man to understand the samsara, saints always repeat the concepts. That is something you will find in this book. Some concepts get repeated and for your own good. The chapters are short, dealing with one particular concept at a time and in a Q&A format.

If you like reading or finding logical answers to the mythological questions then do read Devlok.

Publishers: Penguin India
Available on: Amazon, Flipkart, Crossword

I rate the book 4 on 5 stars and 8 for the easy to read aspect.

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