There is a wave of retellings of the fairy tales these days and the world of literature has embraced this fad. Not Quite Cinderella by Susan Hughes is a retelling of Cinderella set in the urban vicinity of Bath.

The story follows the lead character Amber and the life she has with her girlies, Jessica, Vicky, Melanie and Henry. She is a good natured, well behaved, ravishing looking chick, a perfect girlfriend material. However, she has been in a relationship with a bloke named Phil who has been cheating on her. She is left devastated after her one day old engagement is called off only to be setup by her fate to meet the man of her dreams. She is clumsy and not so comfortable around her Mr. Right. But will she ever accept her fate and be his Princess Cinderella?

The novel is 374 pages long and at my pace it will only take up upto 3 days to complete this book. Let me begin by saying that this one is a perfect chick lit to do away the horrors and stress that Halloween may have had on you. It takes you to Bath and into the lives of the girls, on to the reception desk, inside the Lockards company, to Scotland in Tom Tranter’s house, to the charity walk and all the places the scenes are set in. It evokes humor, drama, fun and the lively feelings as you get on to reading it. Susan certainly can make you get into the skin of the characters and out of it in no time.

If you overlook certain glitches the novel is written on the par of a bestseller. The glitches being minor grammatical errors and the knee jerking scene change without any transitional tools applied. For example if the author begins with Mel’s life in the next paragraph you read about Jessica or some other scene is risen and there is no spacing in the midst to give you a heads up. It kind of makes one a little confused, especially if you binge read books. But come to think of it, it also is a great way to hold the attention of the readers. About the characters, there are plenty. Each has been given justice as far as their description goes, only problem I see here is that some characters have been consumed by the rest. Henry, for instance, jumps into the plot looking like a no one but becomes important in the turn of events. Jessica it seems is fleetingly mentioned. Her presence is felt but nothing substantial comes of it.

Despite of that I believe the novel is a stress buster. It makes up for a perfect romance novel as well. It is a light read that you may have been looking for it after the scares of Halloween.

Publishers: Austin Macauley
Available on: Amazon

I rate this book 3.5 out of 5 stars with 8 on 10 for readability value.

Suggest me your favorite chick lits. I would love to give it a read.