Only a few reads leave a great impact on your psyche. Either it is hard hitting or quite subtle in its approach. And I can name many such books starting with soul searching stories by Paulo Coelho, Robin Sharma, Deepak Chopra to name a few. Add to that list, R. J. Palacio, the author of the international bestseller and soon to be a motion picture, Wonder.

It is truly #thewonderofwonder. This book is. I began reading it and there was something that was slowing shifting within me. I could feel the pain of August Pullman, the hatred towards him was unbearable. I could step in the shoes of Via who has sacrificed so much for her little brother and still is resilient with a never-say-die spirit. Then there’s Jack and Summer and Miranda and whole bunch of Beecher Prep-ites. Add to that the author gives us a bonus with the Julian chapter in the latest editions of the book. She ably covers a whole arena of prespectivies. Nothing is left loose. It is a neat work when speaking from the perspective of an author. And then there’s so much to learn too. Nothing magnificent with the language usage. It is smooth, everyday lingo and yet so heart touching.

About the plot now, the novel follows the story of August Pullman who is a victim to a genetic facial deformity. It happens to be a rare case. However, the repercussions are worrisome. It is like walking on the shards of glass. August is homeschooled owing to the multiple surgeries he has to go through to set his face in place. But it is time that he gets into a real school and faces the world. As is the case with every newbie in a new school, August too is sidelined by his peers because of his looks. He struggles through school everyday with a brave heart. This story is about winning over your inabilities and it relates to each one of us because no one is perfect and yet there is scope for improvements. Moreover, it is about kindness and courage.

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The novel offers ample of #quotesonlife or #lifelessons if you are keen on reading such one-liners, pick up this book. If you are a parent and want to read something worthy, pick up this book. If you are just an ordinary person in an ordinary world, pick up this book. Because it belongs to all of us.

Do yourself a favour and read this book if you haven’t already!

Publisher: Random House UK
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I never rate a book or a movie 5/5 but this novel does deserve 5 stars.

On the scale of readability it sure is 10/10.

I have no words to honour this book. It honours humanity and you ought to read it NOW!