Like many readers, I, too, am intrigued by WW2 literature. There are so many historical fictions out there pertaining to the era which I still haven’t laid my hands on. While I plan to, I also wanted to read nonfiction from the era. I happen to come across One Man’s Jutland by Clifford Evans, a nonfiction about WW2. What piqued my curiosity was the fact that this wasn’t about Army but about the battles fought at sea by Britain.

What you read is the first hand account of events. The book follows the life of Sub Lieutenant Thomas Charles Evans RN who under the direction of Admiral Jellicoe fights the Germans. What we come across while reading the dairy entries from the life of Sub Lieutenant Thomas Charles Evans is the worrisome life at sea, the politics within the high ranking officials and how it could have lead to the defeat of Britain. Moreover, the the psychological impact of the war on the lower ranks of soliders.

If you aren’t too keen on reading nonfiction or aren’t history lover this book will most likely put you to sleep. However, if Second World War attracts you, you ought to pick it up right away!

Publishers: Olympia Publishers
Available on: Amazon

I loved the writing style. It is simple and elegant, detailed and descriptive. I rate it 3 stars and it stands 8 on the scale of readability.

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