Poornansh Shrivastava’s Spoilt For Choice attracted me at once because of the cover. The book came in quite late and when I received the copy I had almost forgotten the blurb. I started reading it without having any inkling about the plot.

Let me begin by saying that I am aversive to a negative prologue. The novel begins with just that. I was, thus, apprehensive of reading further. I began binge reading only to be drawn into the novel slowly. To be frank, I felt that it is way too sappy, practicality only peeks towards the climax. Considering that breakups are a part of everyday life, I think the protagonist shouldn’t have wasted so much of his time on a girl who has only betrayed him time and again.

The novel follows to story of Samarth who is a BDS student and an aspiring bike racer. His passion for racing comes in way of his love for Sanchi. Although he chooses Sanchi over his career as a racer, she walks out of his life without so much as a remorse for her actions! What does Samarth do then forms the plot of the novel.

The writing of the author steadily pulls you into the story. It evokes hatred towards the character of Sanchi. We have to give it up for a newbie who has focused on two characters, brought them up well as if they were his own. In fact, at some point in story, I presumed it was an autobiography of sorts where the writer picked only his unrequited love story and wove it into India’s first ever motorsports love story. At some points it is quite relatable. However, there are some descriptions which you can probably skip.

I wish to point out a few disagreeing factors I found in the novel. Firstly, the youth of today need to understand that importance of parents, they are not to be taken for granted. Secondly, love is not what you perceive it to be, it is much more than obsession and physical contact. The pain that a mother goes through while pushing you out of her body is much more than a heartbreak! Think twice before you consider suicide! And at a tender age such as teens it is merely infatuation that one is likely to feel. I don’t wish to disregard those feelings because, well, feelings are feelings and I don’t wish to hurt anybody’s sentiments. But moving on is the way of life. Heartbreaks are a part of life. The protagonist tries to mix the two – passion and love life- he can’t keep a balance between it and hence suffers the pain. One piece of advice, follow your passion first and then think about hooking up. Do not fall victim to peer pressure!

Moving on, about the novel, there are abrupt ends to conversations. One moment the conversation between Sanchi and Samarth picks pace and within blink of an eye it ends with “Okay, bye!” There was a enough scope for the author to have lengthened the dialogues between Samarth and Sanchi, is what I feel. Doing so would have given more depth and feel to their love angle. Also there are one too many times when confusion arose because of the usage of tenses.

Nonetheless, the novel makes a good read.

I would rate it 2.5 stars for the connectivity with the readers and the writing style. It has a very Indian English usage of language which will strike a chord with Indian readers. I, therefore, rate it 6 on 10 on the scale of readability.

Publishers: Half Baked Beans
Available on: Amazon, Flipkart

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