Dharmayoddha Kalki by Kevin Missal is first in the Kalki series published by Kalamos Literary Services. Structured around the Kalyugi avatar of Lord Vishnu, the story explores the myth. Only a seasoned writer can do this. By this I mean developing an intriguing tale woven around a myth which is explored one too many times.

Kalki, unaware of the source of his powers lives in a remote village of Shambala with his family. He is unknowingly drawn into a conflict with tribals who have gained the hold over his country of Illavarti. This conflict is just the beginning of yet another Mahayuddha. The rise of adharm has forced him to go back to his roots and prep himself for an impending calamity. Kalki is the Dharmayoddha who will save the day for the Manavs.

As a writer, it is a feat to weave a novel, let alone pen a tale as complicated as a mythological fiction. But this novel is dexterously written. There are traces where you might find an error or two but that won’t deter you from going back to the novel which is peppered with drama, chase, politics, betrayals, thirst for power, brotherhood, love, adventure, action and much more. The author has balanced out all the elements to bring out the assertions given in Kalki Purana to blend it into a fiction. Even the multiple characters are whole; nothing is left undone.

The story building though racy yet descriptive writing adroitly takes us to the farming village of Sambhala, to the city of Indragarh and even into the grandeur of Vedanta’s and Kali’s palaces. The unpredictability and the twists are sure to make you want to read more. It makes you ponder even after you have kept the book down to rest your eyes. Believe me, there were those nights when a reading owl like me was taken over by the fatigue of the chores and the motherly duties and yet I wanted to sit up and read this novel! I wanted to complete 470 pages but didn’t wish to leave the characters and the adventure.

Coming to the language, it is quite lucid and firm. Being a third person narrative it gives us a whole picture. And one needs to mention how cleverly the author manages to slip in a Shakespearean quote or two. Oh sure, “there is method to this madness!” (I love this quote so much!)

Over 400 pages can be read in about 4 days time if you have a reading speed of 100 pages per day. (And if you happen to be a mommy reader like me, it will take you about six days or so.) However, with short chapters you are sure to zap through the novel. Nonetheless, this novel will keep you hooked and entertained.

Oh yes, one special mention, even for a person like me who isn’t a GOT, the book ably brought forth that aura.

If you have read this book, are reading this book, or plan to pick up this mythological fiction be assured that this is a best seller that you are reading and value for money.

I rate this book 4 stars. And on the scale of readability it sure is 8 on 10.

Publishers: Kalamos Literary Services
Available on: Amazon, Flipkart, Crossword