Mills & Books is quintessential when it comes to picking up a classy romance. I have been reading M&B since teens. Of course, there was a phase when I stopped going back to them. But just yesterday I had an urge to read one. Without much thought I dived my hand in my cupboard and pulled out the first M&B that I could. Picture Of Innocence by Jacqueline Baird falls under Modern romance category of M&B. It is a short read and can be completed in an hour.

The novella follows the story of Lucy Steadman who has been vying to save her family heirloom upon which depends the life of poor labourers. But Lorenzo Zanelli is an arrogant, selfish Banker who will stop at nothing to make Lucy’s life sufferable. Damien, Lucy’s brother had been in an unfortunate mountaineering accident where Zanelli’s brother Antonio died. Zanelli holds Damien responsible for the death. Will these two opposites with an unforgettable past, Lucy and Lorenzo, ever be one?

Well, in M&B they will. However, one cannot say about a similar real life situation.

Talking about the plot, it is engaging. One gets drawn in the Zanelli-Steadman world quite effortlessly. And Jacqueline comes across as a seasoned writer. The writing is lucid and racy. It ably evokes the love-hate feelings for Zanelli. The conclusion is likely to leave you amused.

I rate it 3 stars and on the scale of readability it stands a 8 on 10.

Publisher: Mills & Boons
Available on: Amazon, Flipkart, Crossword

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