One Bridegroom Required by Sharon Kendrick is another from the modern romance of Mills & Boon. After having read a serious drama from Charles Kernow, A Castle On The Rhine, I had to pick something for a light read and what better than a M & B.

The story follows Holly and Luke. Holly is wedding dress designer and has recently rented a place in Woodhampton, London. She is every man’s dream. Her luscious figure and ravishing looks instantly attracted men like bees to the flowers. Luke is the landlord of the place Holly has rented. And he is no less in the looks department. He is rugged and handsome. More calloused and touseled, like a bad man in a good body. The two are at once sexually attracted to each other but there’s something that keeps them apart. Luke is like a turtle who retreats into his shell when Holly tries to probe about his past. When his secret is unveiled things take a tumultuous turn for the growing affection between Luke and Holly.

I loved the way the author has penned the words. She is so prolific that she ably sculpts a Holly and a Luke of her imagination on our minds. The metaphoric descriptions add another charm to the writing and we are drawn into the life of Luke and Holly.

What I didn’t like about the book was the fact that the story was developing when there’s an abrupt halt to the development and the duo separate. And just as abruptly are brought together. I feel that the author need not have wrapped up so quickly. She could have used the separation to bring more depth to the story. Nonetheless it was one good read.

The book is perfect for Christmas and you can pick this up for your December TBR.

My ratings 3 on 5 stars. And on the scale of readability it is 9 on 10.

Publisher: Mills & Boon

Available on: Amazon, Kindle, Flipkart, Crossword