On a cold and breezy afternoon when I enveloped myself cozily in a soft blanket, Mitali Meelan’s poetry book Coffee And Ordinary Life brought me the warmth of words that was much needed. The essence of the poetries is as refreshing as a cup of hot coffee. It retains the bittersweet flavour and lives up to it’s name.

I have bookmarked so many poems in the book that I have lost the count. Every poem is revitalizing. You haven’t read anything like this ever before. These poems stay with you.

The writing style is witty, humourous, sentimental, inspiring and at times or simultaneously, deep and philosophical.

What I loved about the book is that the poet adeptly personifies the feelings; you have an anxiety speak, depression and even voice finds it’s voice through Meelan’s words. The poems bring the picture alive for the readers and that’s a virtue worth laudable.

All in all you read about love, love lost, about conquering and break-up. It is written in a tumbler poems -esque manner.

Poems that I loved are plenty but Nowhere To Hide, A Simple How Are You, On Your Feet, Scraps, Sharks, Load Shedding are those that will stay with me.

Ratings 4 stars.
On the scale of readability it sure is 10 on 10!

Publishers: Amazon
Available on: Kindle

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