Deepak Chopra is the famed author of many spiritual books. I read and reread his work, Life After Death only recently. Soulmate- A Love Story is however a fictional book from Chopra. The novel is published by Hayhouse India.

With 290 pages the novel endues some beautiful love lessons alongside spiritual vibes. It tails the life of Raj who is an intern learning to become a psychiatriat. He is engaged to Maya but falls for Molly. Molly is a character quite deep and is likely to change many lives simultaneously, including yours, the reader’s.

That love is universal and it needs no language is a belief crafted tidily in a hospital with mentally deranged hanging around a doctor who himself is wrecked. What matters to this story are the settings. Raj’s life is often in and out of the hospital. He has an understanding of the working of the human mind but what he lacks is understanding of the supreme love which he learns from Molly.

The plot is linear and there isn’t anything you won’t like about the novel. It is evenly paced and takes you through the turmoils of the mind after death of a loved one.

After having lost my father last year in October, it took a lot out of me to pull myself together and so I felt that Chopra’s words matched my wavelength to some extent. There are certain things in the novel which I could relate to.

It is written in such a comprehendible manner that it pulls you into it effortlessly. I was in and out of Raj’s life and I could feel the confusion and frustration he felt. I especially loved the quotes that the author dexterously put in in the narrative be it through the characters or through his note towards the end of the book.

Once again, Chopra presents to us a story which is more than a story. It is one with fantasy, philosophy and spirituality and will be liked by his readers.

Rating: 3 stars
On the scale of readability it stands on 9 on 10.

Publishers: Hayhouse India
Available on: Amazon, Flipkart, Kindle, Crossword

If you happen to pick this one up donlete know your reviews in the comments.