Amongst the lot authors of this generation a name oft repeated is that of Anuj Tiwari. I Tagged Her In My Heart is yet another engaging reader from the author and Tedx speaker. Rupa Publications’ venture happens to be one motivating read.

Following the story of Arjun and his gang of friends, the 236 pages of the novel traverses through the life of Arjun, Adrika, Ved and Anushka. It introduces the character of Iona but it is limited to a few pages. The reunion that the four have leads us in a flashback to their lives before the hectic office life and the carefree college days. It further leads us to one inspiring story.

The writing is quite lucid and upturn. It is peppered with Indian-ness and that gets us hooked. It appealed to me as soon as it brought back the college days through it’s characters. It had the power to make a character like Iona likeable and then dislikeable. Often the author would switch the tense and that could have possibly created confusion but a neat editing helped jump this undoing.

A fact that didn’t go down well with me was that the author portrayed Adrika and Arjun as college friends initially but later they turned out to be cousins. The affinity between the two made me think for a second that they were more than just friends. And secondly, if I talk about the romance element it wasn’t inherently present but it was discussed time and again. This tale is more about friendship.

What I loved about this novel? It inspired me. The marketing gimmick discussed would definitely benefit authors like me. And the efforts of Adrika and Arjun spurred the entrepreneurial attitude in me. Another thing that I loved was the novel is filled with essential life and love lessons so much that I couldn’t pick a favorite as all were exceptional. I would want to give it a reread sometime soon only so that I could tab the book.

The novel is semi-autobiographical and likely to inspire you too.

Rating: 3 stars
On the scale of readability it is 8 on 10.

Publishers: Rupa publication
Available on: Amazon, Flipkart, Crossword


PS: I received an advanced reading copy from Rupa publication.