Pegasus Publishers’ Winter Oak: Keeper Of The Realm by Colleen Marlett may be picked up a tad later by me, precisely a month after Christmas, but it didn’t fail to reprise the fervor of Christmas.

Set in America, the novel brings the flavours of Celtic and Christian mythology. It follows the story of Clover, a 12-year-old, spirited girl. It is that time in her life when the spring is just around the corner. She is bursting with energy and enthusiasm. The changes aren’t just physical but the world around her is transforming too. She is hit with revelations one after another. These revelations will change her perceptions and bring her on a pedestal where fantasy will mingle with reality and she will be the savior of the two realms.

Winter Oak is amongst the popular books by Pegasus publishers. It is magical realism which may be inspired by Narnia and/or Harry Potter but it is one good read. Like I mentioned earlier, it rejuvenated the Christmas spirit for me. Though it did fail to enthrall me but the story is likely to stay. This is the first in the series and hence one will find the lightness of the adventure. This can be counted as the first in the many adventures that Clover will face.

The language is impeccable, especially the behavioural descriptions by the author makes the scene come alive for the readers. It is interspersed with varied concepts from Celtic mythology which soon mates with Christian beliefs.

As long as I held the book, the language teleported me into the world of Winter Oak. But the minute I was away from it, I wasn’t reminded of it till I held it again. What I mean is it lacked that pull. But for those who have loved magical realism before are sure to like this novel too.

Add to that with only about 194 pages one can finish it in single sitting.

I wish to read the next in the series wanting more of Mother Christmas and Father Christmas/ Santa Claus alongside the elves, the leprechauns, the goddesses, the witches and many more such fantastical beasts.

If you are magical realism fan do give this book a read.

Rating: 🌟🌟.5
Publishers: Pegasus Publishers, UK
Available on: Amazon, B&N