The month began on a good note. I had a slow start as far as the reading goes. I did two interviews for my blog. And even, my latest venture, (co-founded) Mumbaibookstagram steadily gained the trust of Bookstagramers. If you haven’t checked it out here, I will leave the links below.

So here’s my wrap up for the month of Jan, 2018

1. Djinn City by Saad Z. Hossain

2. ‎Winter Oak by Colleen Marlett

3. ‎Decoding Luxe by Mahul Brahma

4. ‎Rasia by Koral Dasgupta

5. ‎At The Threshold Of Love by Namita Sonthalia

6. ‎The Wind Beneath His Wings by Swati Lahoti

7. ‎The Tree With A Thousand Apples by Sanchit Gupta

8. ‎Undying Affinity by Sara Naveed

9. Smooth by Tracy Ewens

I presumed that the month would be uneventful but destiny happened. My aunt passed on on 31st January, 2018. She was ailing. But still the lightening struck us the hardest once again.

The only way I can recover from the lose or keep my sanity in check is by diving into books.

May February bring us all prosperity and calm.

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