Saratchandra is a name well-known in Indian literature. His works have inspired and inspire still, the auteurs across the world. His writing has a cinematic brilliance.

Stories From Saratchandra translated by Anindita Mukhopadhyay published by Rupa Publications is 184 pages long. It is divided into two sections and has 12 short stories.

In this work of translation, the Stories From Saratchandra target two themes namely innocence/childhood and reality.

Throughout the book a leitmotif of casteism is evident. Atrocities by Brahmins can be seen from stories of Laalu and are continued till the last page.

The entire book has a rustic feel to it and is made prominent by usage of certain regional terms like thakurdalan, thakurmoshai, olauthan, khudo, khudi etc. The sarcasm used throughout the work is subtle and camouflaged by innocence. The language is lucid and crisp. The chapters short. Introduction given by the author inducts us into the mindset of the era.

When I talk about translation, I have read translated works before. In this one, however, the translation is fairly done. When we consider translating work as popular as that of Saratchandra one needs to be a lot careful with the usage of language and justice to the original work. Anindita leaves no space for discrepancies. She treads this path with ease.

The stories are heartwarming. The stories I loved the most were Laalu (2 and 3), The memories of Deoghar, Mohesh. However, the story etched on my mind will always be Abhaagi’s Heaven, it was heartfelt.

Overall, it was a satisfying read.

Rating: 🌟🌟. 5
Publishers: Rupa publication
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